Bariloche is one of the most preferred touristic destinations in Argentina, considered the main gateway to the Patagonia region but still keeping some of its original alpine village style.

The small town sits on the southern coast of the beautiful Nahuel Huapi lake at about 780 m a.s.l., surrounded by mountains and lakes that makes it a paradise for trekking and ski lovers in summer and winter seasons, respectively.

Although the weather may change suddenly at the Andes foot it is normally cool, stable and very colorful near autumn. As expected from its touristic character, the town offers a range of excursions and services that allow enjoying one of the most beautiful scenarios in the world.

Its gastronomy deserves a special attention too, as it displays delicious alternatives including argentine and european typical dishes and wines.

Conference Venue

ICANS XX will be held at Hotel Amancay in Villa Llao Llao, near San Carlos de Bariloche.

This three-star hotel is located on the coastline of Bariloche. The Hotel has an outdoor swimming pool. All 75 rooms are equipped with minibar, safe and air conditioning.

Accomodation is available at Hotel Amancay by arrangement with the organization. Other accomodation options are available in downtown San Carlos de Bariloche. The hotel is 24 km (15 mi) from the city and can be reached by taxi for about USD 30.

Local Information

How to get to Amancay Hotel

To arrive to Amancay Hotel (map)

From Bariloche airport

    The best transportation to the hotel is a "remise" which are readly available in the main hall of the airport. The cost of the journey to Hotel Amancay is approximately US$50 ($200)

From Bus Station

    Take a taxi or "remise" (estimated price AR$120 or U$S30)
    Or take the red local bus "3 de Mayo" number 20 at the bus stop at the main bus terminal. IMPORTANT: you cannot buy the bus ticket on the bus, you have to purchase it in the building of the main bus terminal (go to booth number 14, of this company "3 de Mayo" and buy the ticket for AR$6). Estimated bus ride time: 1hour. Distance: 25km. Stops 100m off the entrance of the hotel.

Useful information

Changing airports in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires city has two main airports: Ezeiza (EZE), the international airport, located at about 34 km from Buenos Aires, and Aeroparque (AEP) that mainly handles domestic flights and is located on the margin of Río de la Plata, close to downtown Buenos Aires.

From abroad, you will be arriving in EZE. Your flight to Bariloche will leave from AEP. It is your own responsibility to arrive in AEP on time (most of the time there are no problem in doing so).

To change airports in Buenos Aires from EZE to AEP, you are advised to contract transportation services in either of the booths in the main hall offering both a shuttle service or a limousine (here called "remise"). The main operator of these services is Manuel Tienda Leon (it has a yellow lion head as a logo). The shuttle bus stops only once in town at Puerto Madero, to pick up more passengers. The cost of the shuttle service from EZE to AEP is about US$15 and takes about 1.15 hour. The cost of a "remise" from EZE to AEP is about US$55 and takes around 45 min. You can visit their web site,, where you can find current rates.

Your are advised to take transportation offered in the official booths, not the ones offered by individuals.

Puyehue/Cordon Caulle Eruption

On June 4th, 2011 the Puyehue Volcano, located 90 km (60 mi) from Bariloche erupted. To the day (January 2012) the volcano continues to stay active but gradually Bariloche is returning to normal life. As a result of the eruption, and depending on the wind, there might be volcanic ash in the air. The ash has been tested and verified to be unharmful to healthy people, but it is not recommended to attend the conference to people with chronic respiratory conditions.

As a consequence of the eruption and until the volcano ceases activity, all flights to and from Bariloche Airport (BRC) can be re-routed to Esquel Airport (EQS), located 300 km (200 mi) from Bariloche or to Neuquen Airport, 450 km (300 mi) from San Carlos de Bariloche. Airlines serving flights to and from Bariloche have bus services to reach the city.

Please check with the airline or your travel agent for further information.

Reaching Bariloche: Flights and Buses

Bariloche Airport is now "conditionally opened", that means that depending on the presence of volcanic ash in the air, flights will be landing in our city airport.

We suggest that you take any of these flights on Sunday March 4th

AR1692, departure 7:55; arrival 10:25

AU2682, departure 12.10; arrival 14:30

LA4344, departure 7:30; arrival 9:55

LA4350, departure 13:00; arrival 15:25

If flights are not able to land in Bariloche, there are two very reasonable alternative ways to reach the city by a combination of plane and bus:

  1. Domestic flight from Aeroparque in Buenos Aires (AEP) to Neuquen (NQN), 460km from Bariloche.

    This is a very interesting trip crossing the beautiful landscapes of the arid Northern Patagonia and along the Limay river.

  2. Domestic flight from Aeroparque in Buenos Aires (AEP) to Esquel (EQS), 300km from Bariloche.

To the day, LAN is redirecting flights only to Neuquen and AR (Aerolineas Argentinas) to Esquel and Neuquen.

You are strongly advised to buy your flight ticket with final destination BARILOCHE. In this case, independently of where the plane will be landing, the airline will be responsible for taking you to Bariloche by a combination with a bus from the airport. If you buy a plane ticket to Esquel or Neuquen you will arrive to the airport and will have to change to the bus station.

Buses from Buenos Aires

This is an interesting (and cheap) 20 hour ride to Bariloche through the Argentine Pampas and Northern Patagonia in comfortable buses, some of which have completely horizontal sleeping seats and most offer meal services on board (some even have an intermittent wi-fi service!). Bus lines are Via Bariloche, Andesmar, Crucero del Norte, Chevallier, Via Tac and El Valle.

Here you can find different possibilities and buy tickets on line. The buses leave from the bus station "RETIRO" down town Buenos Aires. From abroad, you can also contact our local travel agent, Ms. Fernanda Cardinale ( from Viajes Dannemann agency.