Topic 4: Instruments

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Abstract ID Title Authors Kind of presentation
401 Moved to ID 361
402 Conceiving a Backscattering Spectrometer at the European Spallation Source to Bridge Time and Length Scales H.N. Bordallo et al. Oral
403 The robot at Stress Spec and future perspectives H.-G. Brokmeier et al. Oral
404** Wavelength-selected neutron pulses formed by a spatial magnetic neutron spin resonator C. Gösselsberger et al.
405 Methods and instrumentation at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin – preparing for next generation pulsed neutron sources Klaus Habicht Oral
406 Development of BL06 (VIN ROSE) beam line at J-PARC/MLF M.Hino et al. Oral
407** Impact of next generation moderators on neutron scattering instrument design T. Hügle
408 Technological support of model of cryogenic peletized neutron moderator of IBR-2M reactor M. Bulavin et al. Poster
409 Measuring and simulating the scattering from materials for moderator/reflector design. New geometries for moderators using nano­diamond particles E. Farhi et al. Poster
410 Improved neutron optics and detectors designed with McStas using global optimization tools E. Farhi et al. Poster
411 Flexible SANS for small samples and in-situ experiments at ESS J. Fenske et al. Oral
412 High Flux Small Angle Neutron Scattering Instrument at Long Pulse Sources H. Frielinghaus et al. Poster
413 Direct geometry spectroscopy on a nearly constant frequency source G. E. Granroth et al. Oral
414 Concepts for Powder Diffraction Instrumentation at the European Spallation Source P. Henry et al. Poster
415** Total Instrument Performance and Advanced Cold Moderator Design — SANS R. P. Hjelm et al.
416 Performance of High Resolution Chopper Spectrometer (HRC) S. Itoh et al. Poster
417 Development of Novel Neutron Detectors with Thin Conversion Layers R. Kampmann et al. Oral
418 Perspectives for Materials Investigations at the Structured Pulse Engineering Diffractometer (SPEED) R. Kampmann et al. Oral
419 Design study of imaging instrument optimised for long pulse spallation neutron source al. Poster
420 Multi-Grid Boron-10 Detector for Large-Area Applications in Neutron Scattering Science T. Bigault et al. Poster
421 Neutron Detector Development for the Instruments for the ESS A. Khaplanov et al. Oral
422** Generic designs of neutron reflectometers adapted to a long pulse spallation neutron source K. Lieutenant et al.
423 Pelletized cold moderator with continuous change of pellets E. Shabalin et al. Poster
424 Current status of a cold neutron disk-chopper spectrometer AMATERAS K. Nakajima et al. Poster
425 Wide-wavelength band powder diffraction at the long pulse source ESS W. Schweika et al. Oral
426 A combined NRSE and MIEZE instrument for ESS G. Brandl et al. Poster
427 Neutron Spin Echo Instrumentation for the ESS M.A. Sharp et al. Poster
428 Prospects for neutron imaging at the ESS long pulse source M. Strobl Oral
429 Status report and developments in the European instrument simulation packages; RESTRAX, VITESS and McStas P. Willendrup et al. Oral
430 Polarization Analysis Neutron Spectrometer Project at J-PARC T. Yokoo et al. Oral
431** High temperature gas flow cell for neutron diffraction developed at ISIS O. Kirichek et al.
432** ISIS advanced superconducting magnets for neutron scattering experiments O. Kirichek et al.
433 2-dimensional imaging of physical information of materials by using pulsed neutron transmission analysis Y. Kiyanagi et al. Oral
434 Systematic Performance Study of Common Neutron Guide Geometries K H Kleno et al. Oral
435 Superconducting YBCO Wollaston Prism for Spin Echo Scattering Angle Measurement F. Li et al. Poster
436 Moved to ID 123
437 TOF investigations of multiple reflections accompanying forbidden ones P. Mikula et al. Poster
438 Development of a Neutron Radiography Beamline at the Manuel Lujan Jr. Neutron Scattering Center M. Mocko Oral
439 Elemental distribution measurement of the Au-In-Cd alloy by neutron resonance imaging M. Ooi et al. Poster
440 Development of trigger event generate module for the NeuNET System S. Muto et al. Poster
441 Design of Next Generation Magnetic Wollaston Prisms for use in Spin Echo Scattering Angle Measurement (SESAME) P. Stonaha et al. Oral
442 Spectroscopy at the European Spallation Source P. P. Deen et al. Oral
443 Multi Role (Extreme Environment) Instrumentation for the ESS O. Prokhnenko et al. Poster
444 Novel Multiplexing Techniques for Advanced Instruments at Long Pulsed Spallation Source M. Russina Oral
445** The Construction and Commissioning Status of the near Backscattering Spectrometer DNA at J-PARC K. Shibata et al.
446 On the performance of engineering diffraction at the ESS long pulse source M. Boin et al. Oral
447** Development and Construction of Two Pulsed-Source Small-Angle Neutron Diffractometers in China J. Tao et al.
448 SESAME: Spin Echo Scattering Angle Measurement at LENS A.L. Washington et al. Poster
449 Multiple beam SANS instrument for kinetic studies on low sample volumes A. Wiedenmann et al. Oral
450 Current Status of Instruments in Chinese Spallation Neutron Source T. Zhu et al. Oral
451** New Directions in Neutron Reflectometry - Hardware and Safety Requirements to Study Living Cell Response to Fluid Mechanical Stress. J. Majewski et al.
452 Direct geometry time-of-flight spectrometers for ESS J. Voigt et al. Oral
453 Guide and instrument simulations for the European Spallation Source K. Lefmann et al. Oral
454 Microstructural effects in TOF neutron transmission imaging J.R. Santisteban et al. Poster
455 Structure and dynamics of levitated liquid glass formers measured with neutron techniques D. L. Price et al. Poster
456 Development of novel neutron imaging technique with boron layer deposited on a Charge Coupled Device J. J Blostein et al. Poster
457 Design and performance of a cryo-flipper using a YBCO film S. Parnell et al. Oral