Topic 3: TMR systems

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Abstract ID Title Authors Kind of presentation
301 Optimisation of the Coupling Between the ESS Accelerator and Target K. Batkov Oral
302 Cryogenic moderator system for a 5MW spallation neutron source Y. Bessler et al. Oral
303 Design concept for the shielding monolith and beam extraction system for ESS M. Butzek et al. Oral
304 Status of work of the Juelich contribution to the ESS Target Station Design Update Phase M. Butzek et al. Oral
305 Radionuclide Inventory Calculations for ESS Target Station D. Ene et al. Oral
306 Design of a 300kW proton Beam Dump for ESS-Bilbao F. Martinez et al. Poster
307 Development of the high power mercury target and the bubbler installation K. Haga et al. Oral
308** Triphenylmethane and its potential applications in moderator design T. Hügle et al.
309 Interaction of very cold neutrons with matter T. Hügle et al. Oral
310 Lujan Neutron Scattering Centerʼs TMRS Mark III Installation and Operational Successes E. Kerstiens et al. Oral
311 The ROtating Tungsten HElium cooled TArget (ROTHETA) concept C. Kharoua et al. Oral
312** Development of an ASME Code Case for HT-9 S.A. Maloy et al.
313 Review of Tungsten Target Irradiation Experience at LANL S. A. Maloy Oral
314 Beam Commissioning at J-PARC/JSNS and MUSE S. Meigo et al. Oral
315 Measurement of the Liquid Hydrogen Ortho/Para Conversion Rate at the Manuel Lujan Jr. Neutron Scattering Center M. Mocko et al. Oral
316 Study of Neutron Production Changes with the Proton Beam Position on Spallation Production Target M. Mocko et al. Oral
317 Properties of mesitylene confined in Silica Micro-spheres G. Muhrer et al. Oral
318 Vision and preliminary design of the 1L target Mark-4 G. Muhrer et al. Oral
319 Validation of Computation Tools for Helium Cooling in ESS Target Station P. Nilsson et al. Oral
320 Demonstration of Small Gas Bubbles for Mitigation of Cavitation Damage and Pressure Waves in Short-pulse Mercury Spallation Targets B. W. Riemer et al. Oral
321 Assessment of Pressure Wave Mitigation by Small Gas Bubbles as Measured by Dynamic Strain in Short-pulse Mercury Spallation Targets B. W. Riemer et al. Oral
322 Neutron Source of INR RAS, the status and the future developments S.F. Sidorkin et al. Oral
323 The Neutronic Applications Laboratory for ESS-Bilbao F. Sordo et al. Oral
324 Current work for the design concept for a rotating solid target system for ESS P. Stronciwilk et al. Oral
325 Neutronic studies in support of engineering design and optimization of the ESS target system A. Takibayev et al. Oral
326 R&D on 2nd moderator fabrication for JSNS M. Teshigawara et al. Oral
327 Engineering design concept for a moderator/reflector system for ESS C. Tiemann et al. Oral
328** Conceptual design studies for the ESS target option META:LIC J. R. Fetzer et al.
329 Flux trap targets: New look using Molybdenum S. Ansell Poster
330 Solid CH4 at medium power: The multi-temperature moderator S. Ansell et al. Oral
331 A Spallation Target and Neutron Source Test Facility at LANSCE D. V. Baxter et al. Oral
332 The present status and prospective of the SINQ Target Irradiation Program Y. Dai Oral
333 ESS target station concept F. Mezei Oral
334 Development of cut out machine for PIE test pieces from mercury target vessel in J-PARC H. Kinoshita et al. Poster
335 Measured Performance of SNS Moderators E.B. Iverson et al. Oral
336 Characterization of a Directionally Enhanced Moderator E. B. Iverson et al. Oral
337 Indications of Ortho-Hydrogen in SNS Moderators E. B. Iverson et al. Oral
338 Mo-99 Production Using Photoneutron and Spallation Neutron Sources C.T. Kelsey IV et al. Oral
339 Sample Elemental Composition Evolutions in the Materials Test Station C.T. Kelsey IV et al. Oral
340 Developing an interface between MCNPX and McStas for simulation of neutron moderators E. B. Klinkby et al. Oral
341 Advanced pelletized cold moderators for the IBR-2M research reactor for condense matter research S. Kulikov et al. Oral
342 Fatigue analysis of spallation target beam window for baseline beam trip parameters at ESS Y. Lee Poster
343 Neutronics analysis for the Fusion Materials Irradiation Test Station (FMITS) at SNS W. Lu et al. Oral
344** Radiochemical Aspects of Liquid Metal Spallation Targets J. Neuhausen et al.
345 Review of materials issues for the ESS rotating helium-cooled target E. Noah et al. Oral
346 Irradiation Environment in the Proposed Materials Test Station E. J. Pitcher Oral
347 Cryogenic liquid H2 heat pipe - possible application for ESS cold moderator F. Plewinski et al. Oral
348 ESS-Bilbao Berilium rotating target design S. Terrón et al. Oral
349 Containment as a prime design goal for neutron spallation sources K. Thomsen et al. Oral
350 A conic reflector for increasing of the flux of very cold neutrons A. Verhoglyadov et al. Oral
351 Operation experience with the SINQ heavy water cooling system W. Wagner et al. Oral
352** Neutronic analysis of the ESS target option META:LIC B. Weinhorst et al.
353 First trial for post irradiation examination on the JSNS target T. Wakui et al. Oral
354 Study of the next generation inner reflector plug (IRP) at SNS W. Lu et al. Oral
355** Thermal-hydraulic and thermo-mechanic design work for the ESS-Target J. Wolters et al.
356 The neutronic design of the ESS target L. Zanini et al. Oral
357 Advances in Scattering Kernel Development for Light and Heavy Water at Centro Atómico Bariloche J.I. Márquez Damian et al. Oral
358 New Design of a Compact Cryogenic Neutron Moderator J.R. Granada et al. Oral
359 Optimization Studies of the CERN-ISOLDE Neutron Converter and Fission Target System R. Luis et al. Oral
360 Determination of the density of states of liquid light and heavy water as a function of temperature J. Dawidowski et al. Poster
361 The Ultimate Spallation Source K.H. Andersen et al. Oral
362 Assessment of the relevant problems related to the management of radioactive and toxic wastes during operation and in the phase of dismantling and decommissioning of the ESS facility D. Ene et al. Oral
363 Design & Manufacture of ISIS 2nd Target Station MKII W-Ta Target L. Jones Poster