Topic 2: Accelerators

** Canceled upon author request

Abstract ID Title Authors Kind of presentation
201** Accelerator Development and Detection Techniques at Necsa G. C. Daniels et al.
202 The European Spallation Source Accelerator Design Update D. McGinnis et al. Oral
203 The European Spallation Source RF System Design D. McGinnis et al. Oral
204 High Intensity Related Aspects of PSI´s Proton Accelerator M. Seidel Oral
206** CSNS Accelerator Development Status S. Wang et al.
207 Development of Beam Flattening System Using Non-Linear Beam Optics at J-PARC S. Meigo et al. Oral
208 Status and progress of J-PARC 3GeV RCS M. KINSHO Oral