Topic 1: Facility reports

** Canceled upon author request

Abstract ID Title Authors Kind of presentation
101 ESS-Bilbao Accelerator Construction progress Review: A Machine Compliant with ESS Specifications F.J. Bermejo et al. Oral
102 Commissioning and First Operation Experience with the New High-Intensity Ultracold Neutron Source at PSI B. Blau Oral
103 The INR RAS Neutron Complex-Present Status and Prospects A.A. Alekseev et al. Oral
104 Moved to ID 362
106 Status report on the Low Energy Neutron Source D. V. Baxter Oral
107 Current status and future plan of sample environment in J-PARC S. Ohira-Kawamura Poster
108 Model based system engineering process for ESS R. Linander et al. Oral
109** The Neutron spin echo instrument at the SNS: status and science M. Ohl et al.
110 Moved to ID 455
111 Present status of JSNS and R&D for high power operation in J-PARC M. Futakawa Oral
112** Neutron Scattering at the Lujan Center: Status and New Directions J. J. Rhyne
113 Influence of Great East Japan Earthquake on Neutron Target Station in J-PARC K. Sakai et al. Poster
114 MaRIE: The Future for Nuclear and Extreme Matter Research at Los Alamos K. Schoenberg Oral
115 KENS intrtuments at J-PARC/MLF H.Seto Poster
116 SINQ and UCN - two high-power spallation sources operating at PSI W. Wagner Oral
117 Restart of IBR-2 reactor after modernization and first experiments at its neutron beams A.V.Belushkin Oral
118 Fusion Material Irradiation Test Facility (FMITS) at SNS M. Wendel et al. Oral
119 SNS Facility Report K. Beierschmitt et al. Oral
120 Status of J-PARC neutron facility recovered from the Earthquake M. Arai Oral
121 First Five Years of OPAL, the new Australian Research Reactor R. A. Robinson Oral
122 The Compact Pulsed Hadron Source: A Facility Report C. Loong et al. Oral
123 University-Based Compact Neutron Sources in China C. Loong et al. Oral
124** Present Status of CSNS Project X. Jia
125 The road ahead for the European Spallation Source C. Carlile Oral
126 RA-10: a New Argentinian Multipurpose Research Reactor H. Blaumann et al. Oral
127 Operational Experience at ISIS Z. Bowden Oral