Paper submission

Proceedings ICANS-XX

The contributions to ICANS-XX (oral and poster) will be published as a book of proceedings. The proceedings will be made available only as digital file (Pendrive or CD).

Deadline: March 4-7, 2012

We thank the authors to follow this guidelines to help us in the preparation of the conference resume.

  1. The articles must be prepared either using Latex (preferred) or Word.
  2. The articles must be typeset on A4 paper.
  3. The recommended length for the paper is 6 pages.
  4. Templates and style files are provided (please, download the corresponding zip file).
  5. The style follows closely Journal of Physics Conference Series.
  6. The guidelines in the templates show how to prepare articles for ICANS-XX so they can be quickly and accurately included in the conference resume.
  7. The authors must produce the final PDF version of the article.
  8. PDF's will be published with no editing, proofreading or changes to layout. It is, therefore, the author's responsibility to ensure that the content and layout are correct.
  9. The PDF must be named with the ID abstract number, followed by an underscore character (_) and the first author name. (e.g. "360_Dawidowski.pdf").

If you want, you can download the guidelines from here.

Latex template

Word template


The papers must be submitted to with the subject:Paper submission: ID ####.