Important Information

Conference Program

The 20th Meeting of the International collaboration on advanced neutron sources will be starting at 17:00 on Sunday March 4th and will be ending after lunch time on Friday March 9th.

ICANS-XX will be split into two parts. During the mornings, the formal part of the meeting will take place. Plenary sessions will provide an opportunity to participants to listen first hand Status Reports of the World's most relevant available and projected neutron sources. In the afternoons, a poster session and workshops on various important topics in the field will be coordinated by specialists in the areas. Workshop´s chair will invite some talks to frame discussion topics or to present new/unique work in the field, but plenty of time should be reserved for discussions.

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Oral Presentation Guidelines

Oral presentations have a 25 minutes slot, while plenary talks, 30 minutes. Please prepare a PowerPoint or pdf presentation that lasts for up to 20 and 25 minutes MAXIMUM respectively to allow 5 minutes for discussion after your talk. We will give you a warning so you have five minutes to wrap up.If you need any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch.

The Plenary lectures will be delivered in Room A, whereas the Parallel Sessions will be in Rooms A, B, and C, the later two on the 4th. and 2nd. floors, respectively.

Speakers are requested to leave their presentation files at the respective conference room responsible well in advance the start of the session.

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Poster Presentation Guidelines

Size of a poster: 120 cm vertical x 90 cm horizontal.

The title and authors must appear at the top of the poster. We recommend the use of a font size legible from a distance of 2 meters.

Panels for posters will be clearly marked with the abstract ID number. Posters will be displayed on Thursday March 8th, from 17:00 to 19.30 in Room D with obligatory presence of, at least, one responsible during the Poster session. Can be put up from Tuesday morning and must be removed before the end of the meeting.

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Publication of Proceedings

The Proceedings of ICANS-XX will be edited as digital book and delivered to the participants on a memory stick. Instructions for the preparation of manuscripts is available on ICANS-XX official website. Manuscripts will not be refereed. The final form is to be sent by email to ICANS-XX Organizing committee before march 6th. Only presented contributions at ICANS-XX will be included in the "proceedings digital book".

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Registration and Accommodation

Registration will be on Sunday March 4th from 17:00 to 19:30 at the registration desk on the lobby of the Amancay Hotel. We will be offering a welcome cocktail to ICANS-XX participants at 19:00. For those who are not accommodated in Amancay Hotel, tickets for lunch will be sold at the registration office.

The ICANS-XX Banquet will be on Tuesday March 6th, at 21:00 at Familia Weiss Restaurant in downtown Bariloche. A shuttle bus service will depart from Hotel Amancay half an hour before and will take participants back after the end of the dinner.

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