From "How ICANS came about" by J.M. Carpenter (JMC), Grindelwald, Switzerland 2010

1977, Founding of ICANS

Rex Fluharty from Los Alamos, John Carpenter from Argonne, Leo Hobbis and George Sterling from Rutherford Laboratory, and Motoharu Kimura representing Japan met at Argonne. Decided that we needed a forum at which to share information, we outlined its purpose, how it would be organized, and called it "LARJ". I never liked that name.

Torben Brun, Argonne scientist, and John Carpenter conceived the name ICANS: The International Collaboration on Advanced Neutron Sources.

ICANS meetings began, held regularly, produced proceedings, promoted discussions and collaborative work on timely subjects.

Workshop format to promote discussions, promote collaborative work, and share experiences of successes and failures

Three foci-Acceleratros, Targets and moderators, and instruments

Much later, we created a Website www.pns.anl.gov/related/icans/shtml